280+ Private Story Names: Creative & Funny Private Story Name Ideas

A Snapchat private story is a custom story feed that lets you post videos and photos for only those individuals you decide to give access to. Recognizable by the padlock icon 🔒, regular 24 hours of viewability is standard, but public followers will not be able to see these story posts.

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Social media puts people’s lives on review for the world to see. If you don’t want your employer to see you at the club, violate your children’s privacy, or share intimate details about your new boyfriend with those who aren’t close friends, most platforms offer the option to restrict who sees your post.

On Snapchat, Tik Toc, Facebook, and Instagram, some content can be kept out of the public eye through private stories that a select group can enjoy. Those not invited to access the page can request access, which the owner can honor or refuse.

Due to the increase in privacy and exclusivity, private stories have become quite popular amongst groups of friends, family members, coworkers, business owners, influencers, and more, due to the increase in privacy & exclusivity.

Each private story can be named by its owner, which means creators have several possibilities when coming up with a custom private story name.

There are plenty of private story name ideas, themes, and approaches you can take before deciding on a name, so let’s dive into a number of them to inspire the best private story name for you.

How To Create A Snapchat Private Story

Step #1

Click your profile Bitmoji in the top left corner.

Step #2

Click New Story in the My Stories section of your profile settings page.

Step #3

Click New Private Story to begin creating your new group.

Step #4

Name your private story – scroll down for name inspiration

Step #5

Start adding friends to your new private story!

Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas

In naming a private story, the goal is to make it enticing to potential viewers so that they come back repeatedly to view new content – but not so racy that the site forbids it. An effective private story name can reveal the content in different ways.

For example, pictures or videos about a wedding might be straightforward or give off a particular vibe. For example, the private name can be:

  • Informative as to the content. Jane and Dick’s Wedding, D&J’S Wedding Outtakes, Jane’s Bachelorette Party In Bahai
  • Funny. Jane and Dick’s Ultimate Hookup, Bedded Then Wedded. J&D’s Marital Money Suck
  • Self-effacing. Boring Wedding Snaps, D&J’s Nuptial Shit Show
  • Sarcastic. Too Late To Call It Off, D&J’s Ball & Chain Diary
  • Sexy. Jane Gets Dick, Hard Times of Dick & Jane

The possibilities for private names for different content are endless. The name should appeal to the intended audience. The fictional bride and room above might invite Aunt Mary to view the informative album, casual friends to view the self-effacing photos, and close friends to see the sexy or sarcastic ones.

A group with a private name need not reflect an event but can be about feelings, interests, memories, or anything geared to any age group. The names should be personal and fun without being racist, sexist, or offensive in violation of the social media platform rules.

Why the names you might choose are endless; here are some ideas in popular categories.

Funny Private Story Name Ideas

While “funny” is in the mind of the beholder, names like those listed below sound intriguing enough to encourage friends to look and comment on the content.

  • “It’s Complicated.”
  • “Whatever”
  • [Name]’s Boring Life
  • Bad Girl
  • Balls Of Steel
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Biggest Clown In Town
  • Brothers From Other Mothers
  • Could Be
  • Cuz I’m Worth It
  • Daily Gaga
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Don’t Mess With The Best
  • Don’t Tell My Mom
  • Drama Queen
  • Drama Club
  • Eye Of The Idiot
  • F*Ck It; I’ll Try Again Tomorrow
  • First Time For Everything?
  • Goodbye To Boring Stories
  • Hot And Sticky
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Hungry For Trouble
  • I Am From Mars
  • I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight
  • I Wish I Could Do That
  • I Woke Up This Way
  • I’m A Terrible Adult
  • I’m A Terrible Dad (Or Mom)
  • I’m An Adult Now
  • I’m Not A Celebrity, But
  • I’m Not Laughing
  • I’m Not Perfect
  • I’m The Best “Me” That I Know
  • I’m The Best Of My Worst
  • Inside The Womb
  • Just Like All The Other Girls
  • Just Like That
  • Lights On, Nobody Home
  • Mr. Lazy
  • Trash – Just Like Me

Creative Private Story Name Ideas

Creative names might be trendy, inspirational, thought-provoking, and clickable.

Are You Up For A Little Adventure? A Little Fantasy?

  • Be The Moment
  • By The Way, My Name Is…
  • Can’t Stop Thinking About You
  • Enjoying The Moment
  • Frantic, Fleeting Moments Of My Life
  • Get Ready For An Adventure You’ve Never Experienced
  • I Need Help Taking Off
  • I Want You (To Know)
  • I’d Like To Keep It That Way
  • I’m Too Blessed To Be Stressed
  • If You Don’t Live For This, Then You’re Not Living At All
  • Imagine The Possibilities
  • Inspired By The Bold And Brave
  • Just My Typical Day…
  • Just Winning
  • Let It Rain
  • Let’s Have Some Fun Tonight!
  • Life Is Way Too Short To Spend It On Hold
  • Look At Me Now!
  • Meme’s All Day
  • Naughty Secret Lover
  • Over-Caffeinated, Under-Appreciated
  • Pimp My Story
  • Secret Passion
  • Something Interesting
  • Take My Clothes Off
  • The Coolest Kids
  • The Great Kiss(Es)
  • The Inside Scoop
  • This Is Not My Beautiful House
  • Twice The Pleasure. Double The Fun
  • Under Your Spell
  • Watch Me Do It
  • What A Drag
  • My Own Best Friend
  • You Do You
  • You Won’t Believe!
  • Never Too Old For Play
  • Your Alibi, My Superpower
  • Your New Bf/Gf (Is Me)
  • Your Wish Is My Command
  • Good Vibes

Offensive Private Story Name Ideas

You may want a private name with a dark twist if you have an odd sense of humor. It might be offensive, insulting, sarcastic, or a bit twisted, but a dark moniker can liven up your social media for your friends.

  • Bad Kids Club
  • Big Bad Wolves
  • Bad Boys Only
  • Bloodsuckers
  • Carry On, Wayward Sons
  • Clan Of Lost Souls
  • Death Squad
  • Filthy Rich Gang
  • Flying High
  • Freaks And Geeks
  • We’re the F*@$ing Cool Kids
  • Gangstas United
  • My OnlyFans
  • My Chamber of Secrets
  • Our Sh*t
  • Politically Incorrect Squad
  • Our Sh*t
  • Suckers Born Every Minute
  • Tax Evaders
  • The Best Of Friends
  • The Broken Hearts
  • The Chatroom Of Doom
  • The Circle Of Trust
  • The Dark Lords
  • The Dead Chat
  • The Fear Mongers
  • The Gang Of The Living Dead
  • The Gangsters!
  • The Ghosts!
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  • The Human Race
  • The Midnight Gang
  • The Newbies!
  • The Nightcrawlers
  • The One-Percenters!
  • The Psycho Killers
  • The Secret Society
  • The Small Minds
  • The Tax Cheats
  • The Vampire Hunters
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Zombies Are Coming!
  • They Are Among Us
  • This Is The End, My Friend
  • Too Cool For Schoolers
  • Why Should I Trust You?
  • You Talk About Us! We Don’t Care
  • Your Worst Nightmare!

Female Private Story Name Ideas

Many so-called boys’ names could work for girls, but here are some tailored to female posters.

  • 5th Period
  • Altered States
  • Badass Barbies
  • Bad Bitches
  • Baddies
  • Beer Babes
  • Betty’s Braids
  • Bored Beauties
  • Brainiacs
  • Busy, Busy, Busy
  • Chick Lit
  • Crybabies
  • Diet Cokers
  • Disney Princesses
  • Ditzy Divas
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Eye Of The Love
  • Female Diversity
  • First-Timers
  • Food Frenzy
  • Freakin’ Hot
  • Girl Almighty
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Girls Trip
  • Gossip Girls
  • Hey Daddy
  • Hot Mamas
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Just Did It
  • Karens-In-Training
  • Lizzo Lovelies
  • Lucille Ballers
  • Mona Lot
  • Motivators
  • My So-Called Life
  • No Bra Club
  • Pawesome Friends
  • Picture This
  • Pink Pretzel
  • Salad Eaters
  • Science Chicks
  • Sorry Mom
  • Social Butterflies
  • Too Much Coffee
  • Trash Talkers
  • Virtuous Vegans
  • Welcome To My Mind

Private Story Names For Guys

Both males and females may want a private story group for friends of the same sex. Some amusing ones for boys include:

  • Are You Lost, Babygirl?
  • Best Buds Only
  • Boy Who Smiles At Strangers
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Can I Have Your Number?
  • Cars And Bars
  • Chunky Eyebrows
  • Crazy And I Know It
  • Sleeping Late
  • Dude Magnet
  • Everything Is Awkward
  • Gucci Gang
  • Guys Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Here Comes Trouble
  • Here We Go Again
  • Hood Gang
  • I Just Really Like Girls
  • Ladies Man Extraordinaire
  • Live From The Streets
  • Living Lowkey
  • Look Both Ways Before You Cross My Mind
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
  • Lunch In Prison
  • Mental Surgeon
  • My Life Is A Waste Of Time
  • My Next Girlfriend
  • No Trolling
  • Plot Twist
  • Quit That. Download This.
  • Same Old Same Old
  • Spare Me The Details
  • Takes One To Know One
  • The Constant Complainer
  • The Joke Machine
  • Kiss and Tell
  • The Shy Guy Nobody Knows
  • The Stupid Factory
  • The Truth Hurts
  • This Is How I Roll
  • Why Am I So Cool?

Depressing Private Story Name Ideas

Some private story names are downright depressing.

Gym Private Story Names

Have a private group of guys or gals you like to get swole with? You’re not alone!

Here are several private story name ideas for your spotters, gym buddies, and workout mates.

  • Sweaty Sock Puppets
  • Swole Mates
  • We Pick Up Heavy Things
  • Gainz Gang
  • Gainz All Day
  • Never Skip Leg Day
  • Creatine Choir
  • HIIT Me Baby One More Time
  • AMRAP Club
  • DOMS Support Club
  • Hypertrophy Winners
  • My Macro Count
  • One Rep Maximizers
  • Superset Squad
  • Wannabe Weightlifters
  • Gym Selfies Only
  • WOD Whisperers
  • Gym Newbs
  • Pump Princesses
  • We Use Too Much Chalk
  • PR Hunters

Good Private Story Name Ideas (Our Top Pics)

Our lists of private story names suggest the many possibilities for such names. If you want to establish private groups on social media, put some time into developing a name that will encourage interaction from your audience.

Here are our top pics from across all categories:

  • 4 Hours To Lunch
  • Altered States
  • Carry On, Wayward Sons
  • Clan Of Lost Souls
  • Diet Cokers
  • Karens-In-Training
  • Live From The Streets
  • Lizzo Lovelies
  • Mental Surgeon
  • The Constant Complainer

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