200+ Gaming Channel Names: Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Recorded and Livestream games are a popular form of entertainment, community building, and revenue-generating opportunity. An important step to ensure your success will be to name your gaming channel or brand.

In this post, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to do just that.

Deciding On the Perfect Name For Your Channel

Especially if you want to stream on the major channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch, your channel name must stand out to win followers. Naming your channel is comparable to picking out the best business name for your company.

Having a memorable, easy-to-remember name is particularly important if you hope to monetize your efforts. YouTube reports a 40% increase in the number of channels earning six figures a year.

While it is the content that draws repeat visitors, it is the name that draws people to the site in the first place. For example, many gamers know that “Ninja” is the name that Richard Tyler Blevins uses on Twitch and YouTube.

The top gaming channels on YouTube at the moment are PewDiePie, JuegaGerman, Fernanfloo, Felipe Neto Markiplier, Total Gaming, and Dream. The top 20 gaming channels have between 24.5 and 111 million viewers and feature up to 11,000 videos. All these gamers started small and built a following.

To find the right name you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • What is your channel vibe? If you expect your tone to be funny, serious, or flippant, your name should have a tone that resonates with the emotion.
  • Who is your target audience? If you are aiming for teen gamers versus millennials or older users, your title might include different words. Are you hoping to gain general gaming fans or ones with a particular interest in Grand Theft Auto, Roblox, Minecraft, FIFO, or another specific game?
  • Does market research indicate there will be a demand for your content? Gaming channels are very popular on YouTube and other platforms. Checking out the competition will give you ideas about how to name your channel and focus it.
  • Will you open social media accounts to promote your channel? Social media platforms offer an economical way to advertise and promote your channel.
  • Is the name you want available? Having a unique name makes your game stand out from others. Many more prominent names that do not include a surname are taken, but you can build a variation around the existing names.

Tips For the Best Gaming Channel Names 

When naming the channel, keep these 10 tips in mind:

  1. Keep the name short
  2. Make it easy to spell.
  3. Make it personable so it’s memorable and catchy.
  4. Check out how it translates into other languages
  5. Use capital letters to start words
  6. Avoid numbers if possible.
  7. Make your name informative.
  8. Trigger an emotion for more attention.
  9. Employ wordplay.
  10. Leave room for expanding your offerings. If your name suggests your channel is about Minecraft, you may have trouble getting followers if you decide to add Fortnite or Free Fire.

Name Generators For Unique Username Ideas

While you can brainstorm your own channel name using the tips above, video game channel name generators quickly come up with dozens of choices. Here are some of the suggestions in popular categories.

Basic Names For Gaming Channels

Not surprisingly, many of the best gaming channel names for video gaming channels or vlogs include variations on the word “game,” such as “gaming,” ”gamer,” or “games.”

  • Algorithm Gaming
  • Atlas Gaming
  • Automate Gaming
  • Binary Gaming
  • Bot Gaming
  • Bros Gaming
  • Dark Gaming
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Epic Gaming
  • Evil Gaming
  • Field Gaming
  • Fortress Gaming
  • Framework Gaming
  • Freak Gaming
  • Game Vids
  • Gamer Ace
  • Gamer Alpha
  • Gamer Armoury
  • Gamer Artificial
  • Gamer Condition
  • Gamer Controller
  • Gamer Core
  • Gamer Dash
  • Gamer Dudes
  • Gamer Gladiator
  • Gamer Happy
  • Gamer Hyper
  • Gamer Intuition
  • Gamer Joy
  • Gamer Key
  • Gamer Level
  • Gamer Lucky
  • Gamer Mode
  • Gamer Odyssey
  • Gamer Outcast
  • Gamer Patrol
  • Gamer Regency
  • Gamer Squad
  • Gamer Survival
  • Gamer Wings
  • Gamer Zone
  • Gamera
  • Gameraro
  • Gamerfluent
  • Gamergenix
  • Gamerlaza
  • Gamerorama
  • Games Angel
  • Games Fruity
  • Games Havoc
  • Games Quick
  • Games Throne
  • Gaming App
  • Gaming Assault
  • Gaming Chip
  • Gaming Chrome
  • Gaming Clash
  • Gaming Connect
  • Gaming Druid
  • Gaming Electric
  • Gaming Guard
  • Gaming Iconic
  • Gaming Intrepid
  • Gaming Marvel
  • Gaming Otaku
  • Gaming Poe
  • Gaming Portal
  • Gaming Power
  • Gaming Quest
  • Gaming Reboot
  • Gaming Sonic
  • Gaming Speed
  • Gaming Strike
  • Gaming Throne
  • Gaming Total
  • Gaming Truth
  • Gaming Turbo
  • Gaming Wired
  • Gaming Zen
  • Gamingara
  • Gaminglux
  • Gamingomatic
  • Gamingonus
  • Gamingopolis
  • Gamingorama
  • Gamingoryx
  • Gamingporium
  • Gamingprism
  • Gamingquipo
  • Gamingtastic
  • Gamingwind
  • Gamingzen
  • Guardian Gaming
  • Incubator Gaming
  • Infinity Gaming
  • Insight Gaming
  • Kart Gaming
  • Kingdom Gaming
  • Knight Gaming
  • Lethal Gaming
  • Marvel Gaming
  • Maze Gaming
  • Noob Gaming
  • Odyssey Gaming
  • Paladin Gaming
  • Quest Gaming
  • Raven Gaming
  • Sensor Gaming
  • Shift Gaming
  • Surge Gaming
  • Synergy Gaming
  • Team Gaming
  • Tower Gaming
  • Variable Gaming
  • Vengeance Gaming
  • Vision Gaming
  • Zero Gaming
  • Zone Gaming

Catchy YouTube Gaming Channel Names

Boring game names get lost amidst the million channels. Here are some solid YouTube Channel Name Ideas to help inspire your new gaming channel.

  • 8-Bit Game Studio
  • Addicted to Gaming
  • Arqade 
  • Buffering The Game 
  • Captain Sparklez
  • Challenges Unmet
  • Cheap Thrills Gamer
  • Classic Gaming Channel
  • Clueless Gamer
  • Cool Gamers
  • Critical Damage
  • Deadlox 
  • Epic Gamers
  • Falcon Gaming
  • Feed Gaming
  • Fortnite Lover
  • Game Cults
  • Game Guru
  • Game On Dude
  • Game Slayer
  • Game Tube
  • Gamer Life
  • Gamer Rants
  • Gamerholic
  • Gamers Delight
  • Gamers Guild
  • Gamers Life
  • Gamers Survival Guide 
  • Games And More Games!
  • GameXplain
  • Gaming Corner
  • Gaming Fanatics
  • Gaming Treasure Trove
  • Gaming Trivia
  • Gaming With Friends
  • Gaming with Friends
  • Geeky Gamer
  • Hardcore Gamers Only! (HGO)
  • King of Games
  • Mind-Blowing Games
  • Moments Of Gaming
  • My Way to Game
  • Nerd Gaming Community
  • New Gaming
  • Odd Squad
  • Pixel Palace
  • Platypus Gamer
  • PUBG Gaming Collective
  • Six Degrees of Gaming
  • Smart Gaming
  • The Funny Gamer
  • The Gamer Squad
  • The Gaming Consultant
  • The Hot Dog Gamer
  • Well Played!
  • You Can Play This Too!

Creative Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Many gamers, young and old, get caught up in streaming games when they are not playing for themselves. Creative names pull in views.

  • Anime Gaming
  • Best of Gaming
  • Casual Gamers Club
  • Design Gaming
  • Easy Peasy Gamer
  • Eighty-Eight Games
  • Funny Girl Gamer
  • Game Now
  • Gamer Girl
  • Gamers Partner
  • Gaming All the Time
  • Gaming Binges
  • Gaming Buzz
  • Gaming Guru
  • Gaming Vloggers
  • Gaming World
  • Global Gamerz
  • Happy Gaming!
  • Level up Gaming
  • Mouse Spy Gaming  
  • Performance Pro Gamer
  • Play, Drop, and Roll
  • Playing Board Games
  • Retro Gaming TV
  • Sport Tube Gaming
  • The Gamer Dude
  • The Gamer’s Den
  • The Gaming Chick
  • The Gaming Family
  • The Gaming Hobby
  • Tons of Games
  • Videogames and You

Minecraft Gaming Channel Names

  • Alpha Legends
  • Angry Creeper
  • Block Builders
  • Block Canyon
  • Block Magic
  • Cowardly Creeper
  • Craft Gaming
  • Crafty Mania
  • Creeper Daily
  • Cube Escape
  • Digging Deep
  • Explosion Sheep
  • Fun World Events
  • King of the Ladder
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Let’s Battle!
  • Let’s Play!
  • Live-Action Adventures
  • Lucky Block Challenge
  • Minecraft Adventure Time
  • Minecraft Anime Style
  • Minecraft Clips
  • Minecraft Creativity
  • Minecraft Island
  • One Hit Club 
  • Sword and Armor Games!
  • Team Extreme
  • The Cave Explorer
  • The Cave Spider
  • The Creeper
  • The Enderman
  • The Skeleton
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Zombie Sheep

Roblox Gaming Channel Names

  • Roblox Play
  • Roblox Fun
  • Game Mechanics
  • Roblox Build Battle
  • Robloxers
  • Robloxopoly
  • World of Roblox
  • Everyone Loves Roblox
  • Fun with Roblox
  • The ROBLOXian Gamer
  • I’m Playing ROBLOX! 
  • Roblox Zone
  • Super Roblox
  • Bloxxers
  • Building Maniacs
  • BROblox
  • Builders By Blox
  • Capture the Cube 
  • Roblox Roleplays
  • Let’s Play Roblox
  • Amazing Roblox
  • Real Life Roblox
  • Abandoned Magic Forest
  • Paddlepalooza
  • Winter Scream Island
  • Tycoons Palace
  • Echo Game Studios
  • Isle Royale
  • Fletching Falls
  • The Lake House
  • Colorful Lands
  • Robloxia
  • Space City
  • Roblox Castles
  • Roblox Islands
  • Roblox Mountains
  • Jaxness Scrubs
  • Robloxian Rail Yard
  • Top of the World
  • Circle Island
  • City of Clones 
  • Citizens Xploder 
  • Club Carbon
  • Circus Dream
  • RBLX Tower
  • Coolblade Supertower
  • Dynamo Mountain
  • Icestorm Driftway
  • Jakestown Driftway
  • Longbow Bluff
  • Pumpkin Pitch
  • Underground City 

Fortnite Gaming Channel Names

  • Bad Gamers Fortnite
  • Blockbuster Gaming
  • Clumsy Battle Royale
  • Crossroad to Victory
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Drop of Damage
  • East Tilted Towers
  • Fall in the Void
  • Fatal Fields
  • Flamingo Fortnite Squad
  • Flush Factory
  • Fortnight Players
  • Fortnite Attack
  • Fortnite Banners
  • Fortnite Battle Royale Hub 
  • Fortnite Challenges
  • Fortnite Chase
  • Fortnite Cube
  • Fortnite Fanboys
  • Fortnite for Beginners
  • Fortnite Funny Moments
  • Fortnite It
  • Fortnite Jarvis
  • Fortnite Live
  • Fortnite Park
  • Fortnite Soldiers
  • Fortnite Squad
  • Fortnite Stream
  • Full Moon Fortnite 
  • Game the Fort
  • Gamerz Squad
  • Gaming Squad
  • Guardian Gaming
  • Hilarious Moments
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Ninja Enough
  • Outwit, Outplay & Outlast
  • Paradise Palms
  • Purple Base
  • Purple Cow Gaming
  • Raptor Valley Fortnite
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Schooled by a Ninja
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Shooting Stars
  • Squad Up!
  • Summer is Fortnite
  • Survive Til Dawn
  • The Battle Game
  • The Fighters Club
  • The Fortnite Head
  • The Loot Llama
  • Tilted Towers
  • Victory Royale!
  • Viking Fort
  • Wailing Woods

Playstation Gaming Channel Names

  • Access Playstation
  • Action Playstation
  • Algorithm Playstation
  • Alt Playstation
  • Condition Playstation
  • Crusader Playstation
  • Deadshot Playstation
  • Evo Playstation
  • Frame Playstation
  • Fury Playstation
  • Hunt Playstation
  • Logic Playstation
  • Nation Playstation
  • Origin Playstation
  • Outlaw Playstation
  • Playstatella
  • Playstatsio
  • Playstatster
  • Playstatverse
  • Rank Playstation
  • Shadow Playstation
  • Source Playstation
  • Strategy Playstation

What Are The Best Live Streaming Platforms For Games?

Gamers watch their favorite games through live streaming or by subscribing to gaming services. To play the game usually requires paying for access to the game, although some games are available for free. Watching, however, is often free. Streamers who want to monetize their efforts may pay revenue-sharing fees to streaming services.

Some of the most popular platforms include:

YouTube. With over two billion users per month, YouTube is the most popular platform that offers streamers video storage of live streams, powerful analytics of live broadcasts, and monetization options. Viewers can communicate via messages throughout the stream. The only downside is that the user base of YouTube videos is so large that individual videos can get lost in the crowd. Hence, the need to find a unique name is paramount to get getting noticed.

Facebook. As with YouTube, Facebook has a huge userbase of 2.7 billion, many of them millennials – a demographic that loves gaming. Over 77% play video games for as much as 7 hours per week, while 70% spend money on games. Streamers can go live from mobile games or desktop devices and from personal profiles, pages, or groups.

Twitch. Originally a gaming channel, Twitch is a live streaming service with a robust chat feature, many ways to manage audience participation, and opportunities for monetizing content. For gaming streamers, it’s a “must use” platform.

TikToc Live. A social media platform aimed at Gen Zers under 25, TicTok offers live streaming opportunities. While regular TicTok content is videos under a minute in length, longer 30-minute videos are a draw for gamers. Only accounts with 1000 or more followers can go live, while you have to be over 18 to monetize your content.

Other streaming options include LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Live, Clubhouse, Mixcloud, and gaming-only platforms YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

Gaming Services You Pay For

Playing games online is not the same as streaming. Some services such as Nvidia GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna, Apple Arcade, and Google Stadia also offer game playing for about $10 per month, plus additional fees for most games. A game developer might be able to have their games listed on the site by becoming partners.

Gamers with consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox buy the game in hard copy or buy a cloud-enabled version to play online on their PC, Mac, or mobile device.

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