200+ Emo Usernames: Emotional Username Ideas

If you are into EMO music or want to be expressive with your feelings, you might wish to offer insights into your interest or personality with catchy social media usernames that say something about you.

You are your own person, so you want a unique username to get you apart online.

What’s Emo? A Brief History Of Emo Music

Back in the 1980s, EMO music emerged from the Washington, DC music scene with a unique rock sound accompanied by emotional or confessional lyrics. “Emocore” or “EMO” persisted through the 90s when it was repopularized as punk rock, alternative rock, or indie rock.

Variations of Emo include Emo pop, Emo rap, and Screamo, which were loudly sung and influenced by hardcore punk. Since then, Emo has lost some of its popularity but remains an important underground movement.

Some current bands like My Chemical RomanceFall Out Boy, and AFI that play rock classified as Emo reject the label as it is controversial and has a stigma connected with it.

A subculture developed around Emo that became associated with lyrics about failed romance, self-loathing, pain, insecurity, depression, suicidal thoughts, love, and relationships. Followers called Emo kids or “emos” often dressed in Goth style, with skinny jeans, tight t-shirts with band names, studded belts, black eyeliner, and flat, straight, jet-black hair with long bangs.

Emo followers also associate themselves with the socially oppressed.

Other Emo-Like Influences

The trend of expressing emotions generated by events, actions, people, or life itself goes far deeper than teen angst or the dissatisfactions expressed with how things are expressed by Goths.

Beginning in the 90s, emojis and emoticons started to pop up on phones to add pictorial comments to texts, emails, and other communications.

Emoticons are pictures made by a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks typed on a computer keyboard. The Wingdings font release by Microsoft in 1990 made expressing emotion even easier than hitting a few keys.

Only those with the font set could use Wingdings, but the development of sets of pictures known as emojis led to widespread use of smiley faces and other expressive pictorial representations in communications. Today, emoji sets are standardized as Universal Coded Character Sets (Unicode.)

The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese word for “picture” and not from English words such as “emotion” or “emoticon.”

While emojis have nothing to do with Emo, they became, according to Wired, “an important language of the digital age.” You don’t have to be Goth to use emojis to show you are happy, sad, distressed, depressed, or fed up.

The same can be said of hashtags. Since 2007, hashtags have been used on social media platforms to cross-reference content by putting a pound sign symbol (#) before a topic, that may be a sentiment as well as a topic or event. Currently, on Instagram, at least the #emo tag is most often followed by                                  

#goth, #alternative, #punk, #music, #grunge, #scene, #emogirl, #love, or  #aesthetic.

Other popular emo tags include:

#art #rock #makeup #tumblr #photography #alternativegirl #metal #gothic #anime #gothgirl #sad #cute #dark #emoboy #fashion #poppunk #model #hiphop #scenegirl #lgbt

How To Create Memorable Emo Usernames

Picking a good username is fun and easy, but how do you create a good Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, Discord, Twitch, Wattpad, or Instagram username? Here are a few places to start.

  1. Choose variations on a favorite word. If you want to include “cute” in your username, but it’s already taken, variations such as “cutie,” “cuties,” “cutest,” “cutely,” or “cuteness” might add the flair you want.
  2. Consider variations on any nicknames that you have now or in the past. These should be a solid source of inspiration to pull from.
  3. Your username can be a combination of your name with your selected word. If you are John Smith, and your word is “sexy or “sad,” you could be “Sexy_John” or “Sad_Sack_Smith.”
  4. Add a favorite or lucky number to your name. “Smith 007” brings James Bond to mind, but you can choose a random number or one that is meaningful to you. You can even spell out words with numbers, such as using “4” for “for,” “3” for “e.” or “10” for words including the letters from “ten,” such as “In10se_Annie.”
  5. Your username can be based on personal likes or interests. If you are John Smith, who loves girls who love tequila, your username for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter might be “Tequila_Lovin_Babe_Magnet” or “Johnnys_Tequillanistas” rather than plain old JohnSmith. If you love Supernatural or Stranger Things, “BustyAsianBeauty,” “Deanspieboy,” or “Goth_11.”
  6. Consider including puns in your username. Band names offer fertile territory for plays on words. Browsing through your Pinterest or Instagram account should offer.
  7. If you want to separate words, do it with underscores, as in “Goth_Hunk_98” or you can mash the words together as in “cantcatchabreakboy17.”
  8. On your social media accounts, your goal is to make your posts interesting to read and possibly attract like-minded followers who want to see your content. Try out several word combinations, and then make a selection from your list of 12-15 variations.

Catchy Emo Username Ideas

You engage others on social media with a catchy name. In considering name ideas, think carefully about the vibe you want to send. Do you want to come off as cool? Cute? Really into emo music? Politically aware? Want an aesthetic username? Something that’s that edgy?

Some of the best username ideas include these:

  • _emotionalsupport_group_for_sad_bitches_
  • xxTheAngelFromYourNightmarexx
  • Abandoned_angel
  • Abandoned_wishes
  • Allpanicnodisco
  • Alone again
  • Angstverywhere
  • Andheartssemicolon
  • Andscene_kid
  • Atlinterupted
  • Blackparademember
  • Bossofthemallpunks
  • Brokenhearted
  • Callingallsadkids
  • Captain3motional
  • Ceoofrockbottom
  • Charredblackheart
  • Cheerupemokid
  • Churchoframen
  • Cobainagain
  • Comeasurbutnotlikeme
  • Concrete_emo
  • Confessionsonthedashboard
  • Cottagecore
  • Courtneydidntluvhim
  • D4ddyissues
  • Damag3dgothbaby
  • Darkacademia
  • Darkness won
  • Dead inside
  • Debbydown3r
  • Dejectedandrejected
  • Depressionisawayoflife
  • Depressionsessionpartyof1
  • Digitalfls
  • Dreamodeath
  • Dudewheresmydad
  • Dudewheresmyssri
  • Embrace_your_cringe
  • Emokidsfanclub
  • Emo edgy
  • Emo single
  • Emostateofmind
  • Eternalsadnessbrigade
  • Falloutgirl
  • Forgothengirl
  • Fueledbyspite
  • G0thb4by
  • Gerardistheway
  • Godofthegoths
  • Gothgoddess
  • Gothl0ser
  • Groomedfordoom
  • Groomedforgoth
  • Headinthestormclouds
  • Hexmeback
  • Iamdatingpetewentzinmydreamz
  • Ineedadoctor
  • Inthebizofmisery
  • Itwasntaphasemom
  • Iwillfollowuintothedarkness
  • Iwritetragediesnotsins
  • Kurts_ghost
  • Left4dead
  • Live_laugh_leave_me_alone
  • Lobotomies4sale
  • Lonelylheartsclubmember
  • Lonerstoner
  • Lovelessbimbo
  • Maliciousmuppet
  • Mascarastainsandemotionalpains
  • Miseryluvscompany
  • Mrs.Brightside
  • My_chemical_imbalance
  • Myownworstenemy
  • Newfoundgory
  • Nobody_likes_me_at_any_age
  • Not straight
  • Notyourb4by
  • Outcastedextrovert
  • Poppunkprincess
  • Prozacprincess
  • Psychwardcutie
  • Radioheadstan
  • Rageinthe419
  • Reformedcoolgirl
  • Requiemformychildhoodbedroom
  • Sadgirlclubpresident
  • Sallywithoutjack
  • Satansassistant
  • Scenekid4ever
  • Screamosweetie
  • Silenceistheloudestrawrrrr
  • Sinsandsadness
  • Sk8rboi4ever
  • Skullsandpotions
  • Smashed pumpkin
  • Still_eating_lunch_alone
  • Stockholmsyndromeandcyanide
  • Sufferingsadgirl
  • Takingbacksunday_butnotyou
  • Tearsforyears
  • Teenangstlifestyle
  • The_skellingtons
  • Theghostofu
  • Thegirlattherockshow
  • Theperksofbeinganoutsider
  • Thepsychwardcalled
  • Thesadnesspersists
  • Urgonnahearmerawr
  • Vansforsaleneverworn
  • Weeping_angel_vic
  • Whatsmyrageagain
  • Woundedwarriorprincess
  • Xanaxandpanicattacks
  • Xxhopelessromanticxx
  • Yourfavebloodyvalentine
  • Yourkonstantine_
  • Yourlocalwallflower
  • Your worst nightmare
  • All_cool_head 
  • Cheerupemokid
  • Chemical cutie
  • Confused_lover_romeo
  • Emotional emo angel
  • Good kid side
  • Highbuzz boy
  • Lazy light side
  • Light_in_life
  • Like-for-like
  • Live_laugh_leave_me_alone
  • Lonely_love
  • Lowercase_guy
  • Naughty_nerds
  • Peace peacock
  • Peaceposepuns
  • Place of peace
  • Stormcloudside
  • Threadlikedreamer
  • Whynot_talk 

Cute Emo Usernames

If you want your username to put less emphasis on Goth and grunge and more on how you feel, some cute emo names might include these:

  • Aesthetic_Alice
  • Alwayssbeyou
  • B3gladurnotme
  • Babybrewbee
  • Bolddreamlife
  • Born_Smile_Face
  • Brillant_Bruh
  • Camera shy
  • Canadian_Violinist
  • Charmingshadow
  • Chatty_Catface
  • Cityteller 
  • Cocowithme 
  • Comfypup
  • Cool Emo Usernames
  • Dance_Teen_Drama
  • Druveko
  • Egocentricity
  • Emsrawk
  • Firestix
  • First_Swag_Dude
  • Glow_Guy_Grace
  • Hearthstone
  • Hippyhearthacker
  • Huming_Energy
  • Iamatom
  • Ladylexyland
  • let the melon
  • Lezzolovers
  • Losetheweekend
  • Love_Low_Lime 
  • Marty_Minecraft
  • Mascara madness
  • Megs Authentic
  • Mindofremix 
  • Mirror Murphy
  • ModdyMR
  • My_Emotional_Eyes
  • Ninty_Nun
  • Notonnotion
  • Pokemon_Pauly
  • Roblox_Robert
  • sadutsext
  • Seekthesleek
  • Smiley_Goth_Girl
  • Smoking emo
  • Sunsetshine
  • Superrainbeing
  • Typetie 
  • Whatsmyrace
  • Winchesterdude
  • Wine_Man_Inspiration

A great emo username starts with what appeals to you, what captures the vibe you want to send off to potential followers, and what embraces your inner emo.

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