150+ Spotify Playlist Names: How To Craft A Great Playlist Name

Customizing your Spotify playlist names makes your listening experience far superior. From funny titles, playlists for activities, unique genres, or easy-to-find favorites, the options are endless. So, don’t settle for generic names like “my favorites".

In this post, we offer some basic guidance and ideas on how you can craft a good playlist name.

How To Craft A Creative Spotify Playlist Name

Here’s how you should go about compiling your jams using unique playlist names;

  1. First, decide the purpose of your playlist. Is there a mood you want to convey? What is the occasion? Will it include classical music? Rock? Hip hop? Do you want a single artist or a genre? Do you want mainstream music or indie?
  2. Once you know the theme or mood of your playlist, what word describes it? Is it music for a wedding? A funeral? A summer playlist celebrating the season? A Christmas playlist of festive tunes to liven up the holidays?
  3. Occasions aside, what daily activities merit a great playlist? Think about your morning jog or workout session. Cooking a meal. Driving around town. Driving around town. Engaging in daydreams. Studying for an exam or preparing for a work project. Cleaning around the home. Trying to chill out after work.
  4. You can turn any activity, event, or specific mood into the perfect name with adjectives to describe it. Think “Sexy Golden Oldies,” “Addictive Lyrical Storytellers,” “Memorable 70s Pop Songs,” “Angry Breakups,” or “Over the Top Bop.”
  5. Try different combinations of words to get the effect you want. Sad playlist names might be straightforward, such as “Top 10 Breakup Songs,” or more creative playlist names such as “Tearjerker Anthems for the Brokenhearted.”  Variations to consider might include “Checkin Time at Heartbreak Hotel” or “Mourning the End.” As your title will appear online, you can even add emojis for effect.
  6. Describe your music playlist in a few words or a short paragraph. Multiple playlists have similar names, so the description will enlighten listeners on your special twist.
  7. Many playlists are effective with only 10 songs, but you can make yours longer if you want. If you are making a music playlist for your one-hour workout or 45-minute commute, you might want to have it just right for completing your task. For a road trip, you might include more songs of popular favorites great for singalongs to make the miles pass.
  8. Shake up your Spotify playlist with versions of your favorite songs performed by lesser-known artists.
  9. If you want to find similar songs, most platforms like Spotify, Apple, Pandora, and more have a search feature to find them.

Automating Spotify Playlist Name Ideas With A Playlist Generator

Coming up with Spotify playlist ideas can be fun. But coming up with names for multiple lists can be trickier. One shortcut the pros use is to follow the structure of a playlist they come across and change the words. If the title is “Cool night, warm vibes,” some names with similar patterns include:

  • Emo days, sadder nights
  • Family matters, dad puns
  • Cold beer, hot country love
  • Banger scores, favorite flicks

To develop a catchy playlist title, using a playlist name generator allows those who curate playlists for a living to come up with scores of potential choices for a single playlist or multiple playlists.

Even a user naming a playlist for themself can simply type in the mood they want to convey and the genre of music to get some unique names.

Why Choose Spotify When Making A Playlist

Spotify is a very popular music platform for making playlists. It is not the only choice for streaming music, but Spotify features over 1,300 genres and over 30 million on-demand songs in their curated collections. It’s a go-to for most music lovers.

Timeout.com rates other free music apps as well:

  • The classic: Pandora
  • Most streamlined library: Apple Music
  • Most creative playlists: Spotify
  • Best curated catalog: Amazon Music
  • Best for discovering new artists: Soundcloud
  • Best mixtape selection: Datpiff

For finding music to match your mood, you can’t go wrong with Spotify.

Categories of Music Playlists

With over 5,000 genres of music identified by the Spotify API, the most popular are pop, hip hop, Latin, dance/electronic, R&B, and rock, followed by metal, country, folk/acoustic, classical, jazz, blues, easy listening, New Age, and world/traditional folk.

Each genre breaks down into subgenres. Pop, for example, includes acoustic pop, dance pope, indie pop, pop-rock, pop by regions such as Arab pop, Latin pop, or Europop, and dozens more subcategories.

No matter what you are doing and your mood at the time, your library of music can motivate you, console you, or make you happy as you listen.

Here are some creative Spotify playlist names by different musical genres and moods.

Sad Spotify Playlist Names

  • I Wish I Weren’t Single
  • Breakups Are A Bitch
  • No Ex, No Sex, No Reason To Live
  • Songs of Those Worse Off Than You
  • Crying In My Beer
  • Can’t Just Get Over It
  • Making Onions Cry
  • Feeling Low Down To The Ground
  • Maybe Next Time
  • Bye, Bye Love
  • Rainy Day Roundup

Funny Spotify Playlist Names

  • Ridiculous Love Songs
  • Laugh, Don’t Cry
  • Chewing on the Bedpost and other Funny Oldies
  • I’m Here, Let’s Party
  • Tunes On Tap
  • Who’s Buying Me A Drink?
  • Hot Licks, Cheap Tricks
  • Inappropriate Songs For Work
  • Born To Be Wild, Too Old To Do It
  • Former Friends and Future Lovers

Chill Spotify Playlist Names

  • Chill Out, Work Out
  • Chillax, Relax, Breath
  • Calm Like A Bomb Shelter
  • Waves Roll In, Cares Roll Out
  • It’s A New Day
  • Good Music For Tequila-Fueled Days
  • Kittens, Love, World Peace
  • Sole Food For Jogging
  • This Too Shall Pass Dammit
  • Breezy Tunes For Roadtrips

Rap & Hip Hop Spotify Playlist Names

  • Eminem Angst
  • Dope Anthems
  • Hood Life Beats
  • Street Life Sounds
  • Bangers On-Line
  • Gangsta Swag
  • Jay-Z’s Billions
  • Rocnation Elite
  • Yeezy Life, Not Easy Life
  • Emo Hip Hop Greats

Party Spotify Playlist Names

  • Born To Dance
  • Favorite Dance Remixes
  • Hot Tunes, Smooth Moves
  • Motown Grooves
  • No Holds Barred
  • Shake, Rattle, And Rock
  • Can’t Sit Down Dance Tunes
  • Girls On The Town
  • Danceable Christmas Songs
  • Can’t Stop Shakin’ It Party Hits

Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Names

  • Mad, Sad, Glad Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Names
  • Heartbeats For Haters
  • Sandy Days, Stardust Nights
  • Lost And Found In The Beats
  • Moonlight Musings
  • Ice Machine In The Heart
  • Wayward Sons Unite – Cheeseburgers All-Around
  • Bigger+ on The Inside Doctor Who Themes
  • Retired And Relaxed
  • First Time Mom Phrenzy
  • Positive Vibes Only

Country Spotify Playlist Names

  • Outlaw Country Rocks
  • Prime Time, Prime Town
  • Cowboy Love Songs
  • Cowgirl Boots Kick-Ass
  • Willie Nelson Is Eternal
  • Country Love Gone Wrong Songs
  • Cheatin’ Side Of Town Tunes
  • Love In A Whiskey Haze
  • Southern Country Pie: Best Songs Of Classic Country
  • Kids Of Country Crooners

Cool Spotify Playlist Names

  • Locomotion Starters
  • Coffee On Steroids
  • Rockin’ Rhapsodies
  • Krazy Kinetics
  • Burnt Bacon Blues
  • Barbie’s Dream House
  • Sushi Serenades
  • Loud Crowd, Emo Proud
  • Chillin’ And Thrillin’
  • Laid Back, Laid Out
  • Throwback Thunder

Era Specific Spotify Playlist Names

  • Roaring ’20s
  • Thirsty ’30s
  • ’40s on Fire
  • Jump and Jive ’50s
  • The Swinging ’60s
  • Sexy ’70s
  • Best of the ’80s
  • My Nitro ’90s Playlist
  • New Millennium Playlist

Genre Specific Spotify Playlist Names

  • Badass Ballads
  • Sweaty Synths
  • Movie Score Mayhem
  • Jazzy Jaz
  • Funkalicious
  • Rock Revival
  • Anti-Lyrics Playlist

Beats Per Minute (BPM) Spotify Playlist Names

Many runners love to craft playlists based on the pace they wish to run. This can be accomplished by selecting songs based on their BPM. Here’s a full library of music broken down by the song’s BPM.

  • Slow Burn
  • Rest & Recovery
  • We’re Heating Up
  • Hard Charging Hills
  • 120 BPM In The Morning
  • I Will Die At This Pace
  • Runner’s Delight

Situational Spotify Playlist Names

  • Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • Waiting On The World
  • Cruising USA
  • Road Trip Tango
  • My Go-To Karaoke Songs
  • Mom & Dad Approved
  • Songs That Remind Me Of You
  • Belting Them Down The Beltway
  • Commuter Train Titles
  • Pre-Game Vibes
  • Backyard Bangers
  • Cure For Boredom
  • Sexy Time Songs

Christian Spotify Playlist Names

  • He Is Risen
  • He Reigns
  • For The Glory Of God
  • Amazing Grace
  • Praise The Lord
  • Worship The Lord
  • God Is Good
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Awesome God

Workout Spotify Playlist Names

  • Picking Up Heavy Things
  • Macro Music
  • Superset Sounds
  • Pump It Up
  • Zero In On Zumba
  • Maximum Effort
  • Crushing My Cardio
  • Calorie Burner

The possibilities for Spotify playlist names are endless. Between your imagination and some free tools, crafting your Spotify library with unique playlist titles is easy and enjoyable.

For additional inspiration, consider reviewing these naming lists;

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